Customer Communication 

What you say and how you say it

Email Management

Be prepared

Email communication arrives into your business in-box with high expectations of being responded to quickly, efficiently and thoroughly which places a considerable responsibility on your staff (or yourself) to continually monitor your inbox and be in a position to respond accordingly. It’s Your PA will manage your emails and bring urgent matters to your immediate attention, giving you the opportunity to respond in an appropriate and timely way.

Our PAs can handle email and web enquiries on your behalf with a range of pre-agreed responses, including directing enquires to a different source of information, telephone number or alternative service provider.


Quick, simple and cost-effective

SMS, short message service or ‘texts’ in everyday terminology, deliver your message directly into the target recipient’s hand.

⏰ Alerts and reminders to keep your customers and employees up to date with accurate information.

⏰ High volume personalised marketing campaign delivery within minutes.

⏰ Supports social networking activity.

⏰ Reduces the incidence of DNA for medical and other vital appointment scheduling.

Social Media Management

Keep on top of your game

It’s Your PA can support your social media activity using scheduling tools to help integrate and manage your social media posts across all of your subscriber channels.

We can monitor social media responses, dealing in particular with any critical or potentially reputational impact issues swiftly, calmly and efficiently, taking the exchange offline and resolving the situation as satisfactorily and quickly as possible.

Content Management

It’s everything!

Demonstrating your expertise and command of your particular field of expertise is essential to maintaining a robust online presence and, ultimately, a healthy bottom-line. We can take a brief and arrange for your content to be written to an agreed tone of voice in line with your existing brand attributes and you’ll have full editorial control over what is posted.

⏰ Content calendar and auto scheduling arrangements.

⏰ Blogs written, approved and agreed, postings scheduled months ahead and automatically posted at agreed times on accepted channels.

⏰ Email campaigns briefed, written and approved to support ongoing sales activity.

⏰ Social media postings drafted and posted according to schedules covering busy periods and staff absences.

Business Continuity Communication

Or, to put it another way, disaster planning!

Major disruption, network failure, malicious activity, even natural disasters.  The worst can and does happen and, by the very nature, arrives without warning at the worst possible time.

Businesses need to have strategies in place to be able to return to a ‘business as usual’ state as quickly as possible. Regardless of the size and complexity of the business, having a telephony and voice communication business continuity plan (BCP) will ensure you remain in close contact with your staff, suppliers and, most importantly, your customers.

Our national network of skilled and experienced PAs can implement disaster planning to protect your business and your reputation 24/7, until your business is in a position to be able to function ‘normally’ again.

⏰ Emergency switchboard.

⏰ Surge and overflow call handling.

⏰ Rapid recovery of telephony communication.

⏰ Briefing calls and updates made on your behalf to staff, suppliers and customers.

⏰ Emergency procedure advice lines for staff members.

⏰ SMS alerts to selected recipients.

⏰ Routing of emergency calls to home, mobile or alternative office location.

⏰ 24/7 automatic call handling.

Live Chat

Be there without actually being there!

Turn casual website visitors into online customers through pro-active ‘live’ text-based chat directly through your website or preferred online channel. Our online customer service team engages UK based visitors directly with your brand by adapting your preferred tone of voice and can match your campaign objectives. 

Increasingly popular, live chat offers all the benefits of personal and direct one-to-one interaction with an enquirer but in an online setting. This interface adapts to turn a general enquiry into a lead generation data capture exercise and, ultimately, a direct sale or up-selling opportunity.

All campaign scripts and FAQ responses are pre-approved and we can provide full chat transcripts and weekly campaign reporting.

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