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Data Sourcing

Making it count

A business is only as good as its data.

Maintaining data is, quite rightly, a primary business function, but finding, testing and acquiring new sources of data demands an entirely different approach.

For exploring a new market sector, for prospecting a different or expanded geographical area, for testing an idea or product you need to approach and engage with the right people. It’s Your PA work with you to determine precise profiles with the exact demographic match for your needs, and then we find the highest quality source of that information that exists.

However, we don’t take quality for granted.  We gather, clean and test the data until it’s not just squeaky clean, but shines! We have high rates of accuracy which come from providing shamelessly well-targeted information and managing it to the full extent of all applicable Data Protection legislation. 

Data Cleansing

Tick, tock

As soon as you acquire a new data record, it starts to lose value unless it is nurtured and maintained precisely. Data cleansing is an onerous task.  Quite apart from the 28-day cleansing stipulations of the Telephone Preference Service and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (TPS/CTPS); General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has added a whole new layer of responsibility, complexity and potential cost for data owners and that means you and your business.

It’s Your PA can verify your existing data, updating records as required and researching new data to maintain a valuable resource. Your asset will be a clean and complete database of your customers past, present and potentially future that is fully compliant with all current data protection legislation.

Lead Generation

Get the cogs turning

Lead generation represents a significant investment in your sales potential, but it could all come to nothing if you don’t get the follow-up right.

Telesales, direct marketing, online campaigns, attending sales events, business networking; all activities that can feed your sales funnel, generating lots of information about ‘potentials’, but what comes next?

It all comes down to the quality of the follow-up. Appropriate, timely, professional and brand-endorsing follow-up activity turns browsers into buyers and buyers into customers, simple as.

Our follow-up campaigns using telesales techniques, direct mail response or e-marketing techniques capture the ‘feel good’ generated by an enthusiastic sales drive and give you the best possible opportunity to harness all your hard-won sales potential…

…and keep them turning.

You won’t find a better customer than the one you’ve already won!

It’s far cheaper and easier to re-engage an existing customer than it is to find a new customer from scratch – fact. Our re-engagement methods can cover anything from a courtesy call to an up-selling campaign. We employ all of our skills and experience of outbound calling, data management, campaign design, delivery and follow-up to make customer re-engagement part of the natural cycle of your business development activity.

Market research

Information is power

Designing and conducting bespoke surveys to provide valuable insights and precious data probably doesn’t come within the remit of your normal day-to-day business activities.

Unless you’re engaging with market research on an ongoing basis, retaining staff with the right skills, experience and delivery know-how probably isn’t the best use of your resources. It makes far more business sense to cost-effectively buy in the best skills you need on an ‘as and when needed’ basis. We can design and conduct bespoke surveys from any source to provide high-quality data which can, in turn, give you valuable feedback for viability and evaluation purposes.

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