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It’s Your PA has supported the medicolegal industry since 2004 building a wealth of knowledge to help back-office operations of any type and size of private clinic or consulting practice.

Managing the constant accumulation of routine administrative tasks matters and is a major responsibility, marking the difference between a busy, yet happy and efficiently running practice, and chaos!

We can provide confidential, GDPR compliant, secretarial and administrative support for every aspect of your practice from managing strategies to minimise DNA incidents using SMS text appointment reminders, through to preparing reports and providing cashflow management and accounting resources.

⏰ Manage your clinic schedules.

⏰ Liaise with medical agencies, solicitors and claimants on your behalf.

⏰ Access consulting rooms, book clinic dates and manage appointments at your chosen venue.

⏰ Send an appointment letter with a pre-assessment questionnaire directly to each claimant.

⏰ Notify relevant agencies of DNA appointments and deal with medical agency queries.

⏰ Help you to maintain a fully serviced online presence.

⏰ Free your time to spend with patients and not on paperwork!


Medical Reception

We’re at our desks so you don’t have to be at yours

It’s Your PA operates a fully integrated reception service for medical practitioners. Using this facility alone could allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best, with the peace of mind that your business is in the care of equally skilful and caring hands.

Our PAs answer calls in your practice name and book appointments through remote access to your diary or preferred clinic appointment system. They can also deal with enquiries, onward referrals and follow-up administration including invoice queries and payment reminders.

Cashflow is the make or break of any business and we can help you manage yours by using the same accounting package as you do to chase invoices from clients and make payments to suppliers. Our services extend to reconciling payments and preparing monthly statements of accounts. 

It’s Your PA recognises the confidential nature of your client contact and business affairs. Each team member we assign to support your business is a trained, trusted and professional PA. All of our employees sign both confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements


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