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Administration Support

Leave the essential but routine stuff to us

It’s Your PA can be there to handle all of your day-to-day matters, the things that matter to your clients and customers like things being done when you say they will and running an efficient service.

⏰ One-stop administration and PA services.

⏰ Appointment handling and diary management.

⏰ Dealing with customer enquiries.

⏰ Following up on routine administration matters.

⏰ Making courtesy calls and issuing reminders.

⏰ Cashflow management.

Diary Management

You’ll wonder why you didn’t hand your diary over sooner!

Time-management, one of the critical skills of running a successful business (and life)!

Companies spend a lot of money (and time, ironically) on managing their time and a significant element of that comes down to diary management.

It’s Your PA can get your diary running efficiently and can take calls, make calls, book appointments and deal with routine administration all while you’re away meeting with the people who matter. You can’t buy time, but with our help you can achieve professional multi-tasking!

We can handle any form of diary system, from hand-written records through to a fully managed and supported online diary system synchronised across different devices and for multiple users.

⏰ Your customers can book, rearrange, cancel or confirm appointment dates.

⏰ Diary updates can be relayed to you via text, email or by telephone.

⏰ Urgent changes to your schedule can be informed and actioned immediately.

⏰ Up-to-date information can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Lifestyle Concierge Services

Life’s not all about work!

Dealing with the small but essential details that crop up in a busy lifestyle can feel like a job in itself! We can take care of ‘life to do’ lists, which can typically involve:

⏰ booking travel arrangements;

⏰ sourcing tickets and arranging social itineraries;

⏰ keeping on top of birthdays, anniversaries and important family milestones;

⏰ arranging flowers and gifts.

Virtual Business Arrangements

Business as usual

First impressions count for so much and there are times when you’re away from your usual business routines, when you may need extra help to present your business in the best possible light.

We can arrange virtual and remote support so you’ll have all the expected facilities in place, wherever you are including:

⏰ virtual reception;

⏰ virtual back-office;

⏰ sourcing of short-term business premises, pop-up offices, temporary consulting rooms.

Typing and Transcription Services

When every word and detail matters

We provide a full typing service, including:-

  • audio/digital transcription:-
    • single speaker
    • one-to-one interviews
    • focus groups
  • copy typing
  • proofreading
  • template design and production
  • document formatting:-
    • pagination
    • cross-referencing
    • automatic numbering and sub-numbering
    • indexing and styles
    • referencing and bibliography
  • spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations

For legal professionals, we will prepare your documentation to the required legal standards for personal injury, litigation, criminal proceedings, probate, family law, immigration matters and commercial and residential conveyancing.

Producing accurate transcripts of key speeches, focus group feedback or conference breakout sessions requires specialist skills; so too does producing accurate interview notes, appraisal and disciplinary records for staff management issues.

⏰ We have a team of experienced audio typists, including legal and medical secretaries.

⏰ Our team are all experienced in dealing with confidential ‘evidence-based’ matters and are familiar with legal, medical and medicolegal terminology.

⏰ We are ICO registered and GDPR compliant.

All documents are held securely and work can be submitted and returned via our password protected web portal.

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